I belive Art is an infinite line traveling through us to explore,then find its ways out to be with the people to discover even more. 

My art practice focuses on sketching, painting sculpture, Installation and collaborative art. My work is influence by artist like Paul Klee, Aboriginal art, Hundertwasser, Dali, the community art movement, architecture and sustainability. Therefore, my works are trying to fallow the tradition of art theory and looking to learn skills.
Inspired by artist like Mamani and Marina Nunez Del Prado my works are trying to bring back values from the place where I was born as well as our planet.
Line and space are my main subjects. The use of handmade materials, handmade paper, acrylic, ink and a bamboo stick makes my works akin to poetry with the aim to created atypical works in order to create a new form, meaning or shape, curiosity has let me to discover the making of this works.
In my recent drawings and paintings, I aim to explore the use of other materials such as metal and wood to create new texture. My sketches are mediums which allow me to explore the daily lives and its surroundings as well as painting and drawing I use this medium to explore line and learn perspectives.
Negative space helps the lines to treat the image equally to create a flat image, on the other hand the lines are like the nerve system. Francis Bacon said once “painting is the pattern of one’s own nervous system being projected on canvas”.  The lines will either follow or go against the contour creating the final appearance of the picture. 
I believe collaborative art and interaction with humans is one of the purposes for the arts.
As part of my practice I run workshops to work with different communities in London this has allow me to deliver workshops to bring the community together to encourage and allow individuals to discover new skills. 
Be it material or immaterial I always seek for connections.
The important aspect of my work is the dialogue, which looks to exchange the spoken, written or drawn ideas; the purpose of this is to meet all of them in harmony.
I use recycled materials and earth material, which tries to reconnect my works with something, this can always be material or immaterial. Napoleon Bonaparte agreed that "man is entitled by birth right to a share of the Earth's produce sufficient to fill the needs of his existence." In my latest collaborative works with installations and land sculpture this has allowed to create dialogical art which aim is to allow my experiences and skills be use to be able to teach to others and raise awareness about sustainability.